Hidden Treasures in Detroit

Hidden Treasures in DetroitTired of the typical tourist traps? Head off the beaten path for a fun new adventure in the city of Detroit. More than just the Automobile Capital of the World, the D offers residents and guests alike plenty of little hidden treasures. Use our list to start discovering the best-kept secrets around.

Detroit Eastern Market
The six block Detroit Eastern Market and its surrounding area, which creates the Eastern Market Historic District, has brought fresh, delicious food to Detroit since 1891. This vibrant marketplace is a rare find in a city driven by global economy; all produce and wares are grown and produced locally then sold by independent vendors and merchants.

Address: 2934 Russell St., Detroit, MI 48207 - MAP
Phone: (313) 833-9300
Web: www.detroiteasternmarket.com

John K. King Books
Bibliophiles rejoice! John K. King Books in downtown Detroit boasts four above-ground floors and a basement full of rare and used books for the public to peruse and purchase. The largest independent bookseller in the state, this enormous collection (over 1 million books) accounts for most of the store’s business–but true book collectors will want to make an appointment to view the rarer antiques next door.

Address: 901 W Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, MI 48226 - MAP
Phone: (313) 961-0622
Web: Website

Pure Detroit
Show your support for Motown at Pure Detroit, a multi-faceted company in the Fisher Building Lobby dedicated to all things Motor City-themed. With two other locations in the GM Renaissance Building and the Guardian Building Lobby, this community driven venue not only sells unique merchandise but also uses its influence to amp up the city’s culture and vitality through concert series, book readings, art exhibits and more.

Address: 3011 W Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202 - MAP
Phone: (855) 874-7873
Web: www.puredetroit.com

Merchants Row
Located at the bottom floor of Detroit’s most historic retail buildings, Merchants Row is part of the 157-loft apartment on Woodward. This hip and trendy complex features 40,000-square-feet of stores and shops. The former site of the Woolworth Department Store, this building is now the home of Hudson Café, Inside Detroit, Studio Couture and the Woodhouse Day Spa, among others.

Address: 1247 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48226 - MAP
Phone: (877) 826-1027
Web: www.loftsofmerchantsrow.com

The Detroit People Mover
See all the sights as you travel on the Detroit People Mover, an automated transit system that encircles 2.9 miles downtown. These driverless vehicles run on an elevated light-rail system and are an excellent way to get around the crowded Detroit streets. For only 75 cents, you can quickly get to your next destination or you can just ride the rails and take in the best views of the city!

Address: 1420 Washington Blvd., Detroit, MI 48226 - MAP
Phone: (313) 224-2160
Web: www.thepeoplemover.com

Hello Records
Music lovers won’t want to miss Hello Records. This fun and funky store runs on some odd hours, from 12-6PM Thursday through Monday and 12-4 on Sunday. Stop by during these times to check out their awesome collection of classic vinyl albums (LPs, 45s and 78s), as well as an eclectic selection of CDs from every musical genre.

Address: 1459 Bagley St., Detroit, MI 48216 - MAP
Phone: (313) 300-5654
Web: www.hellorecordsdetroit.com